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Hi there Gauder Acoustics,
seems like my long travel is history now. As skeptical as I was in the beginning when my local dealer ordered your big Berlina RC 9 for me as convinced am I now! Wonderful! They sound brilliant, clear, powerful – but most of all they give me the groove! This is really something new to me and as a man of funk music this is what attracts me most. You cannot sit still when these speakers start to shake your booty! It’s unbelievable!

On the other hand I could hear that my old preamp-amp combination from Audio Research was not strong enough to drive your Berlinas. It was not the lack of power, it was the control. Things turned out exactly as this reviewer from The Absolute Sound predicted: when playing the RC 9s then you immediately start looking for better electronics as the RC 9s show each detail of music. Can you give me some helpful advice for the right electronics?

Mr. S. B. / Singapore
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